Why choose Baking Point?


Baking Point is not a concept,
it’s the toolbox you need for your bakery concept!



The best way to plan for the future, is to create it!


Pavailler has served its customers for 70 years: baking-pastry-making has evolved and we are moving forward with it.

Today, we offer more than just ovens, we build baking solutions for all market players. We provide artisans, groups, franchise operations, restaurants and hotels looking to produce their own products on site with assistance in their development process.

The baking quality of Pavailler ovens places us among the three leading brands mentioned in purchasing intentions by French artisan bakers-pastry chefs (*)

Unanimously acknowledged by these demanding professionals, the quality and robustness of our products make us the leading partner of bakery franchise operations in France.

Baking Point is not a concept, you do the creating.

Thanks to the compactness and versatility of our equipment, catering and hotel trade professionals increasingly place their confidence in us. Today, Pavailler ovens are at the very core of exceptional restaurants and urban catering concepts.

Building on our experience and expertise, we have joined forces with two French specialists in machines and refrigeration for the bakery-pastry trade to bring you Baking Point.

What Pavailler provides for you is a turnkey, rapidly profitable, versatile, efficient, compact laboratory, which will help you create your own bakery concept without worrying about producti on equipment or its maintenance.

(*) Etude Facts 2013 – CHD Expert